The Versatility of the Wide Leg Pants

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It’s no wonder that everywhere I go I see wide leg pants rocking the scene. From denim to flowy dress pants they are a great look for all body types. Along with looking sharp, they offer a level of comfort like no other pant style. If you like what you see but think things like, I am too short to wear the wide leg pant style, you’d be wrong. Fashion is like any type of design, in my opinion, be bold and attack it with confidence!

Let’s visit a few examples of executing this style with the attitude – I can ROCK it, too!

Wide legged pant style is trending for summer 2018.

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There really are no rules in this fashion look, but we all have a level of comfort to how we want any pant style to fit us. I personally need to go all loose or fitted at the top due to being short bodied and long legged. I always feel I need to elongate my body and the cool thing about the wide leg pants style is they have all fits, you just need to find the right feel for you.

Having the upper section lose and belted calls out for a more fitted top to find the fashion balance needed to pull off the fullness of the pants. It also requires a longer torso or it could leave you looking broader than you would like.

Wide legged pant style can work at for any occasion.

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I love a simplistic t-shirt with the tailored top, wide leg pants style. With this look, only the legs flare out, this too would elongate the torso and work well for the shorter torso person.

The wide legged pant style makes the simple t-shirt rock.

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A flowy jumpsuit can work well for a more dressy occasion and looks great on everyone.

Wide legged pant style looks elegant in a black jump suit.

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Everyone can wear the wide legged pant style.

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Like with any style, with the right attitude of confidence, you can be right on trend with the wide leg pants style!

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