Interior Design; Using the Outside Views

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One should never disregard the outside views when designing the inside interiors as they should complement one another. This type of forethought is managed through critical design thinking, especially with new home builds and begins at the design phase of the project. Even in renovations, thought should be given to encompassing the outside views cohesively with the inside décor. You might be thinking, how does one go about doing this, and I would say a team approach. Working with a team of professional is always the best approach to the best design outcome. The architect, interior designer, landscape architect are all needed for input and expertise for a well thought out design.

Interior Design with Views

The views in this townhome were of the beautiful Atlantic ocean and were not to be ignored. I designed with natures subject matter as seen through the windows. The glass island top had a pattern of waves and the color of the ocean, helping to bring the element of water to the inside interior design.

Interior Design - Designing a room with the outside views.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

I created open shelves as seen at the beverage bar with an integral stemware holder built into the live edge shelf. This material reminded me of the driftwood found on the sandy beaches just outside.

Interior Design - Designing with the elements found outside in nature.

Designed by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Interior Design - Making the view part of the design.

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Interior Design - Take advantage of the view.

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When There Isn’t a View

When there is not an amazing view, it’s the perfect excuse to make an outdoor living area that compliments the interior design. The pool just beyond the window is reflected in the strategically placed 9 glass bunching tables to bring the reflection of the pool water inside. Water is therapeutic and calming and it is always my desire to emphasize it when designing home interiors.

Interior Design - Using glass furniture to reflect the view.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC. 

Interior Design - Using the outside views to enhance the interior decor.

Interior Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Creating an outdoor view adds a peaceful retreat to the interior design.

Interior Design - Creating an outdoor view.

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Home interior is nothing but a box without a view. Any time I am asked to consult on a renovation I quickly assess the possibility to enlarge a window and bring the outside inside. Natural lighting alone is reason enough and everything else is just an added bonus!

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