Bathroom Renovation; Visually Expanding the Space

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Turning a small master bathroom renovation into a visually larger space is done by tricking the eye to visually see the space larger.

This bathroom began as a green-walled monster, literally. The shower was in front of a window, walled in and cutting off the full potential of natural light shining in. The closet was only accessible from the bedroom which meant that one would have to walk out of the bathroom to get to the closet. The linen storage was not fully accessible due to a bifold door that could not completely open up to the storage.

Bathroom Renovation - Transforming a small master bath room.

Master Bathroom Renovation by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Master Bathroom Renovation

A visual Manipulation

This home resides in a coastal community and the bathroom renovation was to take a green-walled bathroom and transform it into a coastal vibe.  I always like to start with the right background color and to me, it just needed to be white and calming. Once that was established I layered out from there.

Bathroom Renovation - Start with the wall color and layer out from there.

Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Bathroom Renovation - It's all in the fine details to get a bath design right.

Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

It’s All in the Fine Details

The little details of any design are what makes the design special. The blue decorative tile I used for the shower wall became a “wow factor” to build off of. Designing the back wall of the niche with the decorative blue tile is one of those special details. I also chose the decorative lighting sconces because the detail in the metal matched the pattern seen on the shower tiled wall pulling the design elements together.

Bathroom Renovation - Matching details on the sconces with the shower tile h

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

The hardware was simplistic and had the shape of the sconces. I liked the crisp feel of the polished chrome finish.

Bathroom Renovation - the hardware is the jewelry to the design.

Popping a Warm Color

The cherry on top of the design is the pop of a warm color I introduced to the design on the closet walls and the fabric chair. Every design needs something to ignite excitement and the hot coral hue did just that.

Bathroom Renovation - Popping a bright color makes and exciting design.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Bathroom Renovation - Adding a fabric chair to a master bathroom design.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Taking a small master bathroom and creating a visually larger feeling space is about finding the right balance of color, texture, and shapes. The video gives you a glimpse into the transformation of the before and after space.

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